CompNanoTox2015 Conference by 6 EU FP7 projects and MODENA COST ACTION

CompNanoTox 2015 conference, 4-6 Nov. 2015, Malaga, Spain, will disseminate & integrate outputs on computational methods for toxicological risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles. Registration by 25th Sept. 2015.

Five years after announcing the first call for modeling toxicity of nanoparticles in EU FP7, four years after the COST-sponsored exploratory workshop in Maastricht that resulted in launching of MODENA action, more than two years after starting the five "modeling projects" (NanoPUZZLES, ModENPTox, PreNanoTox, MembraneNanoPart, MODERN) within EU NanoSafety Cluster, and a year after starting eNanoMapper project we are at the stage of collecting first conclusions from developing the models.

Therefore, we are jointly organizing CompNanoTox 2015 conference to disseminate the results and integrate the European projects focused on developing computational methods for toxicological risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles. Hopefully, the conference would provide as well an opportunity for discussing further needs and perspectives in this area.

Since both calibration and validation of computational models were impossible without utilizing high quality experimental data, close collaboration between the computational chemists and experimentalists from different areas (i.e. toxicologists, specialists on characterization) would be crucial for the success.

As such, the formula of the event is open. We are inviting not only modelers, but also researchers from all areas of nanoscience and nanotoxicology to participate.

I hope to see you in Malaga!

Sincerely Yours,
Tomasz Puzyn
Conference Chair

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